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JAMMA Volt Meter - SEGA I/O Converter / Pandora to JAMMA adapter - WINGMAN


Weight : 70 g (2.47 oz)

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Compatible with JAMMA boards.

Optional accessory.
VM-S-A : A voltmeter that is non-permanently fastened to the adapter, it can easily be transferred between various other compatible adapters.  It is used to measure the +5 Volt power rails, ensuring that your game board is receiving a proper voltage to function correctly.

Available configurations.

JAMMA Pass-through Voltmeter :
Acts as a pass-through JAMMA adapter to provide a handy volt meter, thus making it easier to verify that your arcade game is receiving enough power to function properly. For use inside an arcade cabinet, or with a Supergun. 

J1 on the adapter needs to be set to JAMMA.

SEGA JVS I/O Converter to kick harness adapter :
By connecting the included 41cm (16") harness to the 14 pins header on the SEGA I/O converter board to the 10 pins header on the Wingman adapter, you will  get  access to button 4-5-6 for both players through your cabinet's CPS2 kick harness.

For use with the following SEGA JVS I/O to JAMMA converters : 

    • Ver. 2 (Black metal box)
    • 838-13683-02 / Rev. A
    • 838-13683-93 / Rev. B

J1 on the adapter needs to be set to JAMMA.
JP1 on the SEGA I/O converter board needs to be set to position A.

Pandora to JAMMA adapter (CPS2 or CPS1 header) :
Converts Pandora/Elf and other multi-in-one arcade boxes that have all 6 buttons connections on the fingerboard edge to the JAMMA standard, and provides a header to connect your cabinet's kick harness into. 
Select between a CPS2 (Capcom CPS2, CPS3 and Capcom Sony ZN-1, ZN-2 systems) or a CPS1 (Capcom CPS1 system) header.

J1 on the adapter needs to be set to Pandora.

CN1 (Not populated)
Provides both 5 Volts, 12 Volts, and Ground to power external devices. Molex 0.100” (2.54mm) header.

CN2 (Not populated)
Audio and video output header. Molex 0.100” (2.54mm) header.

Version History :
v 1.1

    • Added CPS2 and CPS1 kick harness headers.
    • Added a Pandora to JAMMA 'switch'.
    • Switched position of CN1 - CN2 and renamed them.