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SNK NEO GEO MVS to JAMMA Adapter with Line level stereo sound out


Weight : 70 g (2.47 oz)

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Designed to redirect SNK Neo Geo MVS multi slots PCB signals to work properly in a JAMMA cabinet or with a Supergun. This adapter features button remapping*, different game select options, amplified mono or stereo sound output and line level stereo sound.

Compatible with SNK NEO GEO MVS multi slots boards.
NEO-MVH MV 2 / 4 / 6

Not for use with single slot Neo Geo boards.

*The button remapper is not included in this product page, but it can be bought separately at a later time and easily upgrade the adapter with button remapping capabilities. Plug 'n Play.

Sets the sound output. Mono sound out to the JAMMA edge, and amplified Stereo sound out to CN1 or Line level stereo sound out to the RCA jacks.

RCA line level stereo sound outputs.

Sets the Select Game button to be either activated with P1 Down or P1 Button 1 (A). Can also be set to use extra buttons by setting it to EXT. and using a harness connected to CN4.

Amplified stereo sound output.
Molex 0.100” (2.54mm ) header.

Used in conjunction with the BR-S (Button Remapper Standard) PCB to add support for the remapping of the action buttons.
Or with the S-DB (Service Daughter Board) PCB, which acts as a pass through for the action and service buttons. It also gives the operator access to service buttons if they were to be missing from the arcade cabinet.

For use with a CPS2/CPS3 compatible kick harness.
Hirose DF1B 34 pins header.

External header to connect your Game Select Up and Select Down buttons harness to.
Molex 0.100” (2.54mm ) header.

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